Saturday, March 1, 2014

Resources for Triple Negative Breast Cancer-Educate to Empower

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation 

Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) 

Download a free copy of our Guide to Understanding Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. - Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Information on TNBC Day 3.3.14

Information on Clinical Trials

Download the NEW brochure - State of the Art Treatment for TNBC.pdf

"TNBC Foundation has entered into a partnership with Emerging Med to offer a Clinical Trials Matching Service, to make your search faster and easier. By filling out a profile online or by calling 1-877-769-4827 and speaking with a specially-trained clinical trials navigator, you can learn more about clinical trials that are specific to triple negative breast cancer as well as general breast cancer trials that may be enrolling triple negative patients."  - "a registry of federally funded and privately supported trials in the US and globally."

National Cancer InstituteList of cancer clinical trials that are now accepting patients with triple-negative breast cancer.

tnAcity-Celgene Clinical Trial Center

Celgene Clinical Trials - Now enrolling patients with triple-negative metastatic breast cancer for first line treatment.

If you have questions or just need to talk

TNBC toll free helpline: 877-880-TNBC(8622)

Contact to participate in an online support group.

Breast Health Communities

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